My Wii Fit Plus

Whether you are trying to work a certain part of your body or just looking to tone your overall physique, there is a specific regimen of activities just for you. Everyone has different fitness needs, and with My Wii Fit Plus, every experience with Wii Fit Plus can be unique too!

Wii Fit Plus Routines

These routines are designed to help you improve in specific areas, by combining activities within Wii Fit Plus centered around a certain fitness need. Divided up into four categories—Lifestyle, Health, Youth, and Form—you'll find tailored routines for everything from warming up to working your legs and hips. You can even combine multiple focus areas for an extended workout created by you! Return to Top

My Routine

Looking for a serious, no-frills routine? My Routine lets you choose from each individual Yoga and Strength Training activity to compile an intensive and seamless workout. Select as many activities as you like and repeat them in any order that you desire—but don't push yourself too hard! Return to Top


In this section, you can select from a list of 10 activities you choose most often in the FREQUENTLY menu. Select the RECENT menu for your 10 most recently played activities, or the RARELY menu for the 10 activities you have played least often. Return to Top

Calorie Check / What Are METs?

You can set goals for calories burned in this handy section, where your daily goals are represented by equivalent foods. Want to work off some of that fried chicken from last night? See what it will take here. You can also track the estimated number of calories burned today in your total Wii Fit Plus activity. That calorie number will also be represented by an equivalent food.

As you continue to train, an explanation of METs and calorie expenditure will appear. METs represent the intensity of an activity. Each activity in Wii Fit Plus can be represented by a number of METs, and the estimated number of calories burned while you play Wii Fit Plus is based on this number. Learn about METs Return to Top

* The foods used as examples in the calorie check were selected from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. (accessed May 20, 2009)

Fit Credits

Here you can view a detailed graph of the Fit Credits that you have earned each day in Wii Fit Plus. Fit Credits correspond to the time spent doing activities in Wii Fit Plus, and are colored to match each type of activity. You can also view the calories burned each day for a well-rounded picture of the results from your daily routine. Return to Top

Change Trainer

Want to change up the trainer that talks you through your routine? You can choose a man or woman, and go back to switch at any time here. Return to Top