Training Modes


Yoga poses that can help tone muscles and improve posture.

New Activities Added

Balance Games

Games that help develop your sense of balance.

Strength Training

Workouts to help build and tone your muscles.

New Activities Added


Exercises that help you tone your body.

Training Plus

Brand new activities that combine fitness and fun.

* New to Wii Fit Plus

3D Demo

All activities in the Yoga and Strength Training categories allow you to view a 3D model of your chosen exercise, as performed by a virtual trainer. You can even view it in realtime, from almost any angle and depth, until you completely understand the correct body movements and positions. Want to learn the perfect pose? Study it here. Return to Top


During and after many of the Wii Fit Plus training activities, you'll gain important feedback on your performance. For example, during Yoga and Strength Training, you will receive detailed animations of where your center of balance is during your workout. Afterwards, based on your performance, you'll receive personal feedback that can help you improve your following sessions. Understanding your balance during workouts can make a big difference in good training. Return to Top

Fit Bank

As you do your daily training, you'll earn more Fit Credits that go into your Fit Bank. As your Fit Credits add up, more activities will become available to you. To put it simply: The more you play, the more activities you'll be able to do. Return to Top

Calories Burned

Wii Fit Plus estimates the number of calories you burn in each and every training activity. Set the number of calories you want to burn each day in the Calorie Check section of My Wii Fit Plus, and have fun working towards your daily training goals. Return to Top