What is Wii Fit Plus?

By playing Wii Fit Plus a little every day, you, your friends, and your family can work towards personal goals of better health and fitness.

All About Balance

Your center of balance, the point between your left and right sides when you are standing upright, has a lot to do with your health. Those without an even center of balance will be unnaturally compensating for this imbalance, which causes their posture to become misaligned, increasing the possibility of putting unnecessary strain on their body. Wii Fit Plus can help you learn more about your balance, and give you tips on how to improve it. Return to Top

Body Test

Wii Fit Plus works best if you perform a Body Test every day. In this test, you'll use the Wii Balance Board accessory to measure your center of balance, Body Mass Index (BMI), and body control. Based on these results, you can also determine your Wii Fit Age. You can chart your daily progress and compare it against previous results, as well as other friends and family who play Wii Fit Plus. Return to Top


Wii Fit Plus includes six training modes and more than 60 exercises and activities designed to help improve body balance and fitness. Return to Top


Yoga poses that help tone muscles and improve posture.

Strength Training

Workouts to help build and tone your muscles.

Balance Games

Games that help develop your sense of balance.


Exercises that help you burn your body fat.

Training Plus

Fifteen new games that add even more fun to your fitness routine.

My Wii Fit Plus

Customize and create your own personalized workout.